Friday, December 24, 2010

Just tell them

In a world that seems to become more scary day by day, I find only comfort in the scripture sent from our Lord.  He knows, really knows, and I know He cares.  The scary part for me is not how it affects ME- but how it affects my children.  I can not choose for them, I can not make them believe, I can not fill them with faith.  They have to find that on their own.

But I have to lead them there. 

I'm not so sure how people who are raised without any faith or spiritual direction ever find their way- but I am so very grateful for those who do.  I know I want so desperately for my children to 'get it'.  To be filled with the spirit, accept Jesus as their savior- really really accept him, hear God speak to them and want to listen to what he says, always drop on their knees in prayer, to have the comfort of a constant companion in Jesus and the Lord.  It is the most important thing to me in my life.

And I am trying to lead them there.  I pray so desperately for God to help me lead them there.  I need them to be there.  They have to get there.

So it is very important to me at this ever so glorious time of year that I make sure they really understand what a huge deal about Christmas is.  It is exciting to wait for Santa, to decorate the lawn, to look at lights, to play in the snow, to get time off of school, to have parties, to get presents- yes that is all very exciting.

But today as I talked with Allyson about how God could have thrown us away as an experiment gone bad, just wadded us up and pitched us as a mistake on a picture- I felt myself get so emotional.  He chose to send himself as a baby- to send a final way to save each and every one of us.  A savior born as a babe- the greatest gift in the history of the world.  We just have to accept him as the son of God.  And as our Savior.  THAT is exciting.

It's that simple.  But we live in a world where not many people are teaching their children the lessons of the Lord and I just can't understand why we are robbing our youth of that gift.  Why would we not want our children to have the gift of eternal life- of complete salvation.  To have that peace.  Why don't we want them to have comfort in a world that is so uncomfortable?

Teach the children.  Give them faith.  Tell them about Jesus.

For it is His Birthday.

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