Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We are not of this world..............

Do not store up treasures of the earth............

(meet my new babies)

Where rust and moth destroy.
(I've named him Henry)

I once heard a radio evangelist talk about worrying about aquiring material things while here on the earth was like redecorating your hotel room while on vacation
(and I call this one Lola)

Which really made sense to me- since we are just here on this earth for a brief moment in comparison to the eternity we get to live in heaven.
(Did you notice how it has those special little pour in thingies for the soap, bleach and fabric softener)

So the 'things' we have while here totally don't matter- and they are not where our true treasure is
(Oh my gosh- check out this one in action- it totally has way more stuff than I could ever need in a washing machine- even an end of the cycle signal which to me means nothing because I'm totally not the type to run to it's every beck and call.  I will not be your beck and call girl Henry.)

So when it came time to replace our washer (because it was actually rusting and destroying right in my laundry room and refused to spin out the clothes on it's own anymore) I went in with a very sensible approach- get what we need to get the job done.
(Who knew that dryers had lights inside of them?)

Dan was shopping for a HE model- and said we would be stupid not to replace the dryer too because having to dry towels for 180 minutes can not be normal.  I was just along for the ride- I eventually gave him the four features I HAD to have in a washing machine (a fabric softener dispenser- because there is no way in the universe I would ever remember to put it when whenever it is you have to do that in the wash cycle, multiple temperature settings- because sometimes I like to switch it up, a delicate cycle- for all of Emily's fancy dresses, and the lid had to open up under my cabinets- because obviously it would be hard to load the laundry if I couldn't open it).  I then went to play with the spinny office chairs with my children.
(This thing 'knows' when the clothes are dry and shuts itself off- and get this, towels dry in like 70 minutes)

Dan picked for us- and although he picked a fairly basic model- they are much much much nicer than what we had before.
(The washer has a deep clean button, for really dirty clothes- that is what Sam's will be washed on by the way.)

The point here is that anything material of this world does not matter at all.   

But since we actually have to wash material things of this world while we are here, I am totally doing it in style now. 

Last night after putting the kids to bed, Henry Lola and I shared a moment together.  They are my new best friends and companions.  I love them.  I hope they don't disappoint me and leave me hanging with all their newfangled buttons that I will never take the time to learn to use.  And although these little gems don't matter to me much at all in the scheme of important things- they sure are perty.

And not having to scrub up rusty water sludge and hand spin out my clothes anymore will sure be nice.

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Ronda said...

Congratulations! It looks fancy from here. Well done, Mr. Dan.