Friday, May 21, 2010

Descending upon us

You all know I work half part time (more like all the time this time of year) for the local air show in these parts. 

Fun job- yes.

Get to take kids with me- yes.

Enjoy what I do- yes.

Really cool experiences and contacts- yes.


This time of year is a killer.  But that is a story for another time.

Todays story is brought to you by Zhu Zhu Pets.  They are purchasing exhibitor space at the air show for this giant Zhu Universe that includes a life size hamster wheel!  Seriously- what mother hasn't once in her life contemplated the NEED for something like this (especially on a rainy cold day).  Hold your credit cards ladies- they are not selling them- only using one for their display.  They are technically promoting their electronic hamsters- not the giant wheels.  I think they missed the boat but whatever.

So they send an email that says they are expecting 'tons of mommy bloggers'- I got the distinct feeling that maybe they might have been making a face when they typed that.  But as one myself- I was all whoo hoo.  Who knew there were 'tons of mommy bloggers' here in the city?  This blogging this is my FAVORITE passtime, I seriously look forward to it.  Although my content is always a bit on the long and boring side and my photos are mediocre- at best- and I really don't have anything important to say most of the time, I still love doing it. 

And since I clearly have like 1-2 people who read my blog (thank you for reading my blog- it gives me a purpose in my day), I am positive Zhu Universe is going to be contacting me ANY MINUTE begging me to come be part of their event with all the 'other mommy bloggers'.  Too bad for them, I'm already busy that weekend.  But I'm still waiting.

Yep- should be any minute.

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Ronda said...

Really, who needs the Blue Angels when you have a giant hamster ball?