Monday, May 24, 2010

10 reasons why I am loving this ball season thing (in no particular order)

#1- watching Emily run with all of her might and still get passed by the runner behind her on her way to home plate.

#2- Seeing her ready position.

#3- the excitement when Ally connects with the ball (which is preceded by supreme tenseness as I try and shelve the urge to run out there and help her- this is something she has to do all on her own- and besides, I wouldn't be any help anyway)
#4- and makes it all the way around for a run or a touch down or a score- whatever it's called.  (#4.5- listening to Ally and her entire team singing all of the little chants)

#5- the extreme happiness that being part of these teams is giving to the kids

#'s 6, 7 & 8

#9- How much fun they are all having- even when they aren't playing a game.  This place is CRAWLING with siblings and the kids play until they are dripping with dirt!

#9.25- watching all the dads (especially this one) get so very serious about the game.
#9.5- hearing the train come behind the fields and knowing that, every single time, Sam is watching to see which Thomas the Train it is.
#10- pulling this little monkey off of the fence, time after time, and wiping ring pop goo off of his face.
#10 (again)- Getting to see Sam learn the game and be a complete goof off at the same time

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Ronda said...

Those are great! Nicely done!