Sunday, May 30, 2010

A 3 day weekend..............

For as many years as I have been involved with the air show, I have seen it move around dates quite a bit.  But no matter what the date, it seems that it is always preceded by a 'normal' 3 day weekend.  Either Memorial day or Labor day.  And when you work for a once a year special event that is preceded by either of these holidays- you don't get the normal long weekend everyone else does.  In fact, you use that time that 'normal' people are out holidaying to sneak into the office and actually get some work done.

That is my plan for today and tomorrow- but don't tell anyone.

But I did take yesterday completely off to spend some much needed time with my family.  Between Dan and I's crazy work schedules we haven't seen a lot of each other for quite a while.

So we (me) decided to take the kids to this place in Ohio called The Beach.  Acres of white sand beaches with over 25 different water slide pool type attractions.  That's what the brochure said.

It was more like a hillbilly reunion with lots of pools of murky water with TONS of debris floating around in it- along with flowerbeds filled with sand.

The kids had a complete blast, and I really did too.  Dan- not so much.  I don't regret going, it was fun to see the kids having such a wonderful time.  We all needed to just do something fun.

The main problem we experienced was that I bought their 'party package for 4' (or similarly named thing) on their website when I bought our tickets.  Once inside the park- NO ONE had ever heard of it and didn't know where we got any of the stuff.  Plus, the 'all you can drink' wristbands were only honored at two of their concession stands and the people working those stands were   s l o w    to respond to the family of 5 with the drink bands. 

It took over an hour to figure the place out (it really is huge) and finally Emily Sam and I had hunted down our inner tubes (which it turns out we didn't really need), our locker (which came in handy) and our two beach chairs (which they offer for free if you can find an empty one).  So there I am, holding 3 inner tubes, 4 beach towels, a can of sun screen, a locker key, and this fancy family fun pass when the lady literally hands me two folding lawn chairs.  I have emily drag one tube, sam drag one tube, I balance one on my head while holding two lawn chairs and other said items in my hands and we depart to find 'our spot'.  Emily then asks me to hold her drink, which I then clench in my teeth.  We only added to the fine atmosphere I'm sure.

Found a spot, dropped our stuff (right next to 4 empty chaise lounges I might add) and off we went to play play play in the little kids water area.  There were lots of activities for allysons age as well as the little ones and we as a family loved the heated pool surrounded by palm trees.  They even had a huge wave pool that was kind of like being at the ocean.  If the ocean had a concrete floor. And hundreds of people packed into the same area with you.

At the end of the day we go to redeem our last coupon that we prepaid for- a large pizza.  The guy at the stand says that it's too late in the day to make it, we'll have to save it for next time.

Dan was MAD.

I volunteered to go to guest services and I in fact told the lady I was speaking to that she was welcome for me saving her from letting my husband be the one to come and talk to her.  I explain the bumps we'd experienced that day with our party pass thing and she gave me tickets so that we can come back sometime.

I'm up for taking the kids back, but I apparently will be doing it alone because Dan swears he will NOT be going back.

It wasn't horrible in my opinion, later this summer me and the kids will journey back I'm sure.  After all, they owe us a pizza.

Today- Dan is taking the kids camping with his parents.  And I will be left here all alone.  That sounds pretty wonderful, but I am actually bummed out as I would rather enjoy them at the campgrounds then spend 14 hours at work trying to dig my way out of a mountain of papers.  But that is what this three day holiday will hold for me.

My only consolation- a peanut butter cheeseball from Jungle Jims that will keep me company when I get home tonight.  Me, my wad of peanut butter heaven, something on the TV.................ahhhhh.

P.S. I chose not to wrangle the camera at the water park (good decision on my part) so no photos- except this one of me in my bathing suit...........

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Grouch said...

This place was dirty rude and no one had any clue what the hell was going on. I even asked someone when the pizza place closed...who was obviously wrong. My kids enjoyed the water. I morn the $100 spent as we did not get what the online brochure advertised. Oh and I was tired, 5 hours sleep and a jacked knee. I love my family and would go anywhere I MUST go to enjoy them...I would choose not to go there.