Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mothers day is just another commercial holiday.............

Except to me.  I love it.

I love to see the children's drawings and pictures.  And I love it that emily likes to 'back' (bake) with me- and I especially like that her special picture is of me with her.  Because I like being her mommy.

I love seeing how Dan puts so much time in to selecting something to give to me.  To me it is totally not about 'the thing' they pick- it's about how much they put into selecting it.

And then seeing how super duper excited the kids are to have 'the thing' for me and they wrap it all up- this year completely by themselves- and then they about explode waiting for sunday to come so that I can open it.

And I love to see Ally slap her hand over Sam's mouth as he almost tells me what it is, on three separate occassions.  And then for Sam to catch me alone at some point, climb into my lap and quietly whisper in my ear exactly what is that his daddy had drug him all over tarnation shopping for and bought for me.  And then to, just as quietly, tell me not to tell them I know.  And I love how on Sunday morning he giggles and wiggles in anticipation for me to unwrap it.  Actually for me to let him unwrap it.  And I love that he is still little enough to ask me if he can unwrap it.

And I love it when the kids come bursting out of their classrooms clutching a handmade item that was prepared just for their mommies.  And seeing how excited they are to give it to me is enough to make my heart explode.  And how they can never wait for mothers day to do so. And to top everything off- Emily's kindergarten has a mothers day tea which made my entire week so perfect!
And I love to hear Dan and the kids preparing a special breakfast on mothers day morning, that they always serve to me in bed, and then everyone grabs a plate and joins me in destroying our comforter and sheets eating it together.  But not before one by one they each give me special things that they each have selected just for me.  Including cards handmade by each of my beautiful children.  And this year- signed by all three of them as well (allyson spent time with sam helping him to 'write' his name).

This year those things included a small giftbag filled with Sam's absolute favorite cars- you know the ones that he has played with so much they are chipped and worn, because they are the ones he loves the best, a handmade cootie catcher from ally that had all special mothers day wishes written inside of each flap (which we played in bed sunday morning), and a small strawberry shortcake figure that emily had saved up her stickers at school for a trip to the treasure box and then chosen it to give to me on mothers day.  All three gifts made my eyes fill with tears, because each of them was so very perfect.

In addition to my pictures, Dan had let the children pick a card.  And it played music.  And it was perfect.

And always always always a special card selected by my husband, usually from the christian bookstore, that somehow says the exact words that my soul needed to be nourished with- along with a hand written note from my husband that somehow confirms I am doing okay at this mothering gig in his eyes.

'The thing' this year?  Two of the most beautiful casserole dishes I have ever seen in my life along with a huge blue hydranga bush (because they are my favorite).  Dan had seen me caressing the casserole dishes at Kohl's while shopping a few weeks ago- and he noticed.  And that is why they are now my favorite dishes that I own.  And everytime I fill them with some mediocre recipe I've tried to make for dinner- I will smile.

I just love mothers day.  But only because my children and husband made me a mother.  It is my day to celebrate them (but don't tell them that- I kind of like that they think it's all about me).  Truly all I ever wanted to be in my entire life was a mother- and I feel so very blessed that I am.

And I feel equally blessed to have a wonderful mother myself. Now that I am trying to raise my own children- I am especially grateful for her love and support.  Except those times when she tells me that I am doing it wrong (because we all know I couldn't possibly be doing it wrong).  And I loved that on mothers day my brother and my sister (along with their families and mine) met at my moms house to celebrate the day. 

That particular day- I might add- was also the day my sister turned the big 4.0.  But I didn't tease her about that- because she really is upset about it- which I don't really get.  Course, I'm ALOT younger than her : )

I won't mention my mother in law here, because she doesn't celebrate mothers day. So I won't mention how much I love her or how blessed I feel to have her in my life.

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