Thursday, May 6, 2010

A night with the arts

Tuesday was a big art show at the elementary.

We're nothing if not cultured. 

Actually- Allyson does really posess quite a bit of talent- in my humble mother opinion.  We got to see several of her drawings & paintings- and we bought one of them that was all framed and matted.  (This is my kind of art!)  And then the show choir that she is part of performed for us.  And she played the piano. As in a solo.  Without any other singing, dancing or instruments.  I was so proud of her- she must have been so incredibly nervous to play in front of all her friends and their parents.  But she did it, and did it beautifully.....(again- humble mom opinion here).

Meanwhile- I gave my camera to Emily and Sam to entertain themselves during the 1/2 hour recorder concert and the 1/2 hour choir performance.   (My sincere apologies to everyone sitting around us- must have been pretty annoying having the flash in the back of your head every 3.5 seconds).  I had to sort through over 200 of their pictures.  What?  Did you think I was joking? (click flash................)