Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Somebody bring me a paper bag and a wad of toilet paper, puleez

It's a cliche.........we've all heard it.............we all roll our eyes at it...................with little bitty babies in tow who are chewing on the shopping cart handle, ripping open boxes of cereal that we hadn't planned to buy and smashing the ever loving life out of our bread as we carelessly corral 'toddlers gone wild' we smile at some stranger and hurry along our way because WE GET IT- they are going to grow up fast...........but not today.  That day you hadn't slept through the night in months, your house didn't really resemble somewhere people would purposely choose to live and the funk coming from your body due to lack of ability to shower properly was overwhelming.

But this day............... this day I realize that there is just one more day of elementary school for the year, and for Allyson, of her life.
Just a moment ago it was the first day of school.  I know I was here for the year, because I remember shreds of it- but could it possibly be the last day of school already????

I remember sending her to kindergarten for the first time, it was so scary.  I prayed so hard for all of the teachers and adults who were going to begin to mold this small child of mine (I still pray this same prayer constantly).  I SWEAR to you, it was like last week.  I think.  Maybe two weeks ago, tops. 

And could she really be finishing up the last of her fourth grade year and getting ready for..........gulp..............Intermediate School?

But she is my baaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyybbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I am not kidding- it is taking my breath away.
And this one............how could she already be done with kindergarten?  Am I really expected to just send her to the school........alone...........for the entire day............in just a few short months?  Is there really not a half day first grade program?
I'm not ready to give her up to the school.  She is my buddy- has been for 6 years- we spend our days together.  It's just what we do.  I don't want her to have to go to school all day long.  I didn't get to take her to the park enough, or to the playland enough, or just paint her nails and do her hair enough.  We have too much for us to do for her to commit all day long to school.

Thank goodness I still have this little guy.  He will be my company.  One more year of preschool for him- but next year it is three days a week for 2 hours a day.  And for the first time in almost 11 years, I will be alone for 2 hours a day, three days a week.  And I thought I would really be looking forward to this.  But I am not.  Kind of dreading it actually.
See how his backpack was soooo much bigger than he is?  It's not anymore.  The little poop went and grew like a weed this year.

They are traitors, all of them.

I am really looking forward to this summer, getting to have them all here with me constantly.

Remind me I said this next week when they are fighting and bickering and complaining about being bored and asking 'what are we going to do today?' every.single.day.

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Sharon said...

Oh, Mynde -- believe me it wasn't that long ago in my memory either, when I sat at my kitchen table, tears streaming down my cheeks, the deafening sound of silence hitting my ears, and experiencing your first day of school (my first without children-day for 15 years). And yes, you are going to experience the DEAFENING sounds of silence (it also is hurtful).

Ally is fast becoming that teen that's going to make up for all that -- you will probably need that silent time to try to figure her outLOL

And there's little Emmy -- what can I say.

Even Sam is laying his plans for his future --- already planning the kind of Dad he is going to be:) He just shared that with me but I still can't remember the word he used -- it was in the ballpark tho with Batman and Superman.

Hey, I think I finally can leave comments again -- figured out the new Google stuff:)

Love ya.......Mom