Saturday, May 22, 2010

My week recap- and my satisfied soul

Worked a lot.

Saw Dan for like 2-3 minutes a day in between me coming home from work and him leaving for it.

Stood in complete awe as I have watched my children play their little hearts out in our beautiful world.  Realized that my children have hit an age that is going to make this summer so much different than any I have experienced for 10 years. 

Watched a whole lot of ball games (love it!)

Got the opportunity to serve our Lord at Kids Kingdom on Friday.  Stood in complete awe as HE prepared the lesson and activities and then taught them to the children- with me just as His helper.  I love to serve Him in this capacity.

Washed load after load after load of clothing- like lightening fast.  For the first time in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD all of our laundry is caught up.  I am searching out things to wash to keep my new appliances entertained.

Notice that my peony bushes bloomed for the first time in seven whole years.  Huge magnificent pinkish purply blooms.  Breathtaking.

Found out that money is not something Dan and I are capable of having- lucky for our local HVAC people, unlucky for us.  But there is always enough, and for that I feel blessed.

Found out Emily might have a CT scan done of her head- HER HEAD- but first specialist recommended some antibiotics to see what happens.  And the huge knot in her throat is getting smaller- thank you Jesus.

Ran a complete roller coaster of emotions as I battle complete happiness, satisfaction, and feeling so very blessed VERSUS total exhaustion and overwhelmed schedule.

Went into complete shock and confusion as I read in a weekly teacher newsletter that there are only 3 days of school left.  Excitement, panic, excitement, disbelief, excitement.  It's going to be a great summer!

Decided I was going to eat better.........and then didn't.

And then I thanked our God for such a wonderful life that He has given to me, just to me.  These crazy days- they are all mine.

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