Thursday, May 13, 2010

This time I mean it!

Dear Kroger,

I have said it before, but this time it is official.  We are through.  We can not keep going like this, it just isn't healthy for either of us.

See- this is what I was talking about the last time I sent you one of my hate mails love notes.  You just aren't holding up your end of the bargain.  Our relationship is simple.  You put out items I want, at prices that make me want to buy them.  Then I bring my coupons, from the manufacturer, that match said items.  So I not only get them at 'your' good sale price, I then get some more money off.  Although complex, it is really very simple.

You give me stuff to feed to my family AND good customer service, I give you money.  It was working for a while.  But you keep on falling short, and I think I deserve better.  You do too.  There are lots of really great people out there who don't care if you treat them like street trash, just not me.  It's not that I don't think you are a great grocery, it's just that we are not good together.  I'm sure you will still have other shoppers, and in time you won't even notice that I am gone.

I'm moving on.  I'm a Marsh girl now.  They do this thing, oh this amazing thing that makes my toes curl up.  When they put a price on an item- listen close- the item actually rings up for that amount.  AND, instead of mailing me booklets of coupons that won't work when I go to use them (in turn having the cashier grill me like a criminal)- they just don't send them to me.  That is what I prefer.  Don't tease me and then throw me to the curb like day old trash.  The real topper is this- they actually staff baggers that are there all.the.time and after they bag up my purchases- they offer to help me to my car.  It's amazing.  Not that you weren't amazing to me for a while- just not ever like this.

Yes- I know that their prices are higher.  Actually a lot higher on most of their items.  But this is what I am saying.  I would rather give them extra money than to have to come back into your store- it has come to that.

So there you have it.  The straw that broke this shoppers back was the love note that YOU printed and mailed to ME saying that if I bought two of your cartons of ice cream that you would give me $.70 off.  Did this justify the $5 I spent on the ice cream?  No- but I bought it because at least I could save the $.70.  And then when you scanned said love note you handed it back to me and said it wouldn't work.  This happened again with the free bag of chocolate chips your lured me in with, and then again with the $1 off produce if I bought something or other.  I'm done.  But you should be proud of yourself- you saved the company seventy whole cents.  Nevermind that I spend $100-$150 PER WEEK on groceries.  Yeah- nevermind that.  Seventy Cents was completely worth it.

I'm sorry for having my little tantrum at your checkout lane by the way.  I hope you weren't embarrassed as I began chucking packages of bacon and boxes of frozen vegetables back at you saying you could just keep them then.  It was everything I could do to restrain myself from shoving the entire cart of groceries through your front window- so all in all I think it turned out well.

Oh- and stop sending your weekly letters to my home.  They are just painful reminders of what we had, and what will never be again.


The crazy nut lady with all the kids and the fistfull of coupons who you will never see again- probably


Ronda said...

Another glorious thing about Marsh: no u-scan crap. Woo-freaking-hoo!

Guess Who said...

I wish you would consider going out of the "hood" to do your shopping. You may find that this is not a Kroger problem so much as an adapted attitude to the thugs you shop with. It may also surprise you that there may be a better selection outside the gangland that has taken over the washington square area. My last point is that Kroger has better prices, a former neighbor who is employeed there, and they are teamsters which helps to make my job more secure.
Oh by the way, u scans kill jobs no matter how you look at it. Take the time to wait in the cashier lane because if you put her out of work Obama will take more money from all of us to support her and her kids.....

Rebecca said...

I hate to inform Guess Who but Kroger may be union. However it i the UFCW (United Food and Commercial Worker) I having been a prior employee of Kroger have decided to tell you at my last union vote(1996) the beloved union REFUSED to back our vote for a strike and told us to take the offer as it was the best we were going to get. If you work hard,do your job YOU don't need a union.
Marsh may be more expensive but they have awesome private label products at comparable prices if your not to good to use them. Not only that but there perishables are 10X better than any grocery in town. ( not that Mynde eats meat but Dan will appreciate it)
Also FYI Marsh pays there employees a lot better than Kroger does I know this for a fact.
I'm just saying....
Glad to have you on my team Mrs Goble. Also my 2 cents about U-Scan there ought to be a law if you can find a bar code in 30 seconds or read a screen and bag at the same time you have to be banned from U-Scan because you have a disability that prevents you from having any common sense!

Mynde said...

Hmmmmm. I wonder who guess who is, think think think.

Everyone say hello to Dan. Nevermind him though- he's just whining about spending more of his money- he'll be fine in a day or two : )

Dan said...

Every truck that feeds Kroger is driven by a teamster and serviced by one also.

Rebecca said...

Marsh Drivers too ;o)