Friday, May 14, 2010


I am a creature of habit.  I just am.

It takes me months to gear up to switch pressed powder brands.  No joking.

I shop for the exact same furniture that wears out, so that I can replace it with the same thing.

But this is possibly less the 'habit thing' and more the 'indecisive thing'.  I can't make a decision to save my soul- most of the time.  There are occassions that this is not so- but usually it involves something being on sale, clearance or at a yard sale.  Because in addition to being a creature of habit and indecisive, I am also apparently cheap frugal. 

But this clearance shopping thing, in my opinion, is a direct result of the indecisiveness.  I could not possibly pick out a new 'anything' when there are 14 others and they are all the same price.  But slap one half off and bang- decision made.

It's bad.  And it really sucks sometimes when there are not any clearance things to pick from.  Think picking a doctor, a hospital to give birth in, a house to buy.  Thank goodness God made the really important decisions in my life for me- or else I would still be trying to pick what kind of kid I wanted.

So the good news is- we've replaced the microwave.  And I made the decision all on my own- with three kids in tow I might add.

Meet my new microwave.

Not to be confused with my old microwave.

Same exact microwaves with just a different vent thing.  Same model, size buttons, features, brand.  Same same.


Might I also add that when I become completely overwhelmed and stressed, I make huge decorating changes.  And by decorating, I mean, well not technically decorating because we don't live in any showcase home or anything.  But I buy new towels or rugs or something, and I consider that decorating.  Anyway. I'm currently looking to repaint the girls room and pick out a tile backsplash (that I will yes install myself- thank you very much) for the kitchen.  And then I'm going to repaint the living areas in our home (which includes the entry, kitchen, living and hallways- all one big ugly same area).

But first I have to pick a new washing machine- which Dan has already declared can't be the same as before.  So we are of course going to start our shopping at the scratch and dent sears store.

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Ronda said...

Congrats on the new microwave!