Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A very sad day indeed

Frigidaire Microwave, 7- Today we mourn the loss of an important member of our family- one who is was there in good times and bad, sickness and health.  Melting butter for corn and defrosting meat in a hurry.  Hot tea for a sore throat and hot fudge for ice cream celebrations.  With it's fabulous turn table and various fancy buttons, our good friend and confidant has left this world and is on to the next.  We like to think she is running free with all the other microwaves- popping popcorn and heating hot cocoa once again.

She leaves behind her good friend and kitchen companions Refrigerator, Stove and Dishwasher.  Although blender has been recently repaired, they were still very very close.  And not to mention Washer and Dryer- even though they too are on their last legs.  It is wondered that Microwave heard talk of their upcoming replacement and tried to beat them to the punch by taking a huge blow right on mothers day.  Her good friend Freezer was especially devastated as he was recently filled with 'emergency' frozen dinners for speedy preparation on crazy busy nights.

In addition to her close family of other useful appliances, she leaves a woman who laid in a heap on the floor of her kitchen screaming 'why, why, why' and clutching a package of pre-cooked bacon that simply needed warmed in a way that only Microwave can provide.  This woman then had to provide comfort to her own children who became panicked upon realization that dinner as they know it will never be the same- or quite possibly ever exist again.

Her body was donated to science- and has already been stripped into 4834 parts as the man of the house tried to determine a way to possibly resuscitate her.  All for nothing- as she now lay lifeless on the floor of the garage.

She will forever be remembered for the fine contributor that she was.  Although the strong bond they shared was special, she will be completely replaced by her family before the week is over.  Maybe even today.  After all, life goes on and there is white chocolate to be melted.

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A moment of silence...