Monday, May 10, 2010

Deep breath in- cleansing breath out

I want to run into my room and hide in my closet.

But I can't.  Mainly because my closet is jam packed full of dirty laundry piles, but also because there is a marathon to run apparently- called our life.

Tomorrow, I promise a light hearted post about my super wonderful mother's day- today, you get what you get.

I am running in circles- circles I tell you.  Work is crazy, making me feel very stressed and I am working like all the dag gone time.  And when I am there I can't even accomplish the things I plan to- I end up stomping out a fire over here and over there, turn around, stomp stomp stomp, fire fire fire, stomp, fire, stomp, fire- well you get the picture.  And there is no end in sight for all that chaos for over a month.  34 days to be exact.

Home- same thing.  Stomp, run, stomp, run.  Then allyson points out that 'the freezer is like covered in tiny snowflakes' aka someone left the door ajar and now it's all frosted over and her softball uniform, that she needs to be wearing in a game in one hour, is still wet. 


Tomorrow night, after a 4pm choir shin dig, we had nothing on the old calendar.  Until like two seconds ago when I got an email saying that we 'get' to have a 'surprise' practice with Emily's team.  Great.  Because a group of six year old girls clearly need to hone in on all those mad skilz they have and another practice is going to do the trick.

Sam has the snack bucket for wednesday, which is also his wonderwalk which we have yet to really help him raise money for...........we are completely out of milk, which can't be that big of a deal because we are out of cereal too.................I have not one pair of clean underwear left...............there is a recall on romaine dining room chairs need recovered..................and to top everything off- my microwave kicked the bucket yesterday.

None of this is life changing, or even really matters.

Except to me.  Because all of it jumbled together makes my head hurt and sucks the joy right out of my body.  Except that romaine lettuce thing.  That just really doesn't matter because I prefer iceberg.


Ronda said...

Woman, get a grip. Sam and Dan were collecting money from all of us on Sunday...covered.

It's 40 some-odd degrees outside...really, she needs another layer under her clothes anyway, so it doesn't matter if the uniform is still wet.

Work...there's a committee. Delegate.

Emily's surprise practice? There's a term for that -- BS. Surprise...the Gobles won't be there!

Microwave broken? Get ye to Target, my dear.

Snack bucket? Oatmeal creme pies, teddy grahams, pretzels -- all available at Sam's Club.

You need to get a grip, woman. You're going to blow a gasket. Then what?

Mynde said...

Yikes! With friends like you who needs enemies : )

Thanks for sponsoring Sam by the way, apparently. Thank goodness he's on top of it.