Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm cracking up.........

No, seriously.  This week has been painfully full and I am cracking.

Like looney bin, straight jackets, electroshock therapy over here.

My only hope is that this weekend goes quickly and I can score an ounce of normalcy (is that a word?) next week.  At least early in the week, because 'somebody' has their twelth birthday next weekend and their idiot mom consented to a slumber party.  Not that slumber parties are bad- they are just exhausting.  And my mom is having surgery later in the week.  And Sam's teacher will probably schedule more fancy themed days that will add to my stress level.

But for today- I will shop for a dinner for over 120 people and make centerpiece airplanes out of life savers and gum sticks.  And tomorrow I will run around like a nutjob setting up, preparing and following through with said dinner.  And then clean it all up.  And then come home and cry at the mess I anticipate my family leaving me in our home.  (It's the annual committee appreciation dinner for the air show time again).

But Sunday- no dinner for 100 people.  No crazy sock day.  No surgeries and No slumber party.

That's my day.  After church, nursery duty and an afternoon of softball practice that is.

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Anonymous said...

I'd have to say you've earned your Sunday. I hope it's a good one!