Monday, September 12, 2011

The reason Mondays are one of my favorites

Five years ago, I had the blessing of meeting a very gentle, kind, Jesus loving woman.  One who we probably would have never met, had we not had a child who desired to learn the piano.
Mrs. Rose.

She lives in the next neighborhood over and teaches the piano from her living room.  She is kind, gentle, loving, and firm.  She taught elementary school for years, has played the church organ every Sunday for longer, and has a true and honest love of children..........and music.

From the moment I spoke to her on the phone, I could not wait to meet her.  The kindness was present even just in her voice.  I am forever changed because of this single solitary woman.
I can't explain it.  Being around her wants me to be gentler.  Kinder.  More faithful.
She lives her love of the Lord.  And she teaches piano so that she can share the gift of music.
And on more than one occassion I have thanked God for the blessing of bringing her into our lives.

 Recently, Emily began to take lessons each week in addition to Allyson.  And as I watched last week, I couldn't help the tears that filled my eyes as I saw my Emily sitting on the piano bench- feet not even reaching the floor- learning how to read and make music at the guidance of this fine woman.  There is not a single  other person I would want to teach her.
Even though Allyson still whines about not wanting to do lessons anymore,  I see more than just the benefit of utilizing the gift God has given her in her ability to play the piano.  I see the 30 minutes she gets each and every week with this fine woman, and in my heart I know that this experience is one that will forever change her life.  She doesn't know it today, probably not even next year, but someday I hope that she will look back on Mrs. Rose and the woman that she is and it will help mold her into the woman she will become.

I am so very thankful for her.  And that it's Monday and I'll get to see her tonight.
She has taught me so much, and I know she doesn't even realize that.


Carrie said...

You and your children are fortunate to have such a friend. I have been blessed to know a few women like that as well and will always be grateful for them. Thanks for sharing that.

Carrie said...

Just curious-- how old were your girls when they started piano lessons?

Mynde said...

Mrs. Rose won't begin them until the 2nd grade- so around 7 years old. I have seen a few younger students though..........
Thanks for your comments- they make my day!

mary said...

this made me cry!

i can relate to this 100%- riley is also lucky enough to take music lessons from someone that i feel is making an impact on her life, not only through the music. kristin was a junior in high school when i called her number off of a list given out by the orchestra teacher. i wasn't crazy about having a high schooler give lessons- thought she'd be unreliable, flighty, etc.

i couldn't have been more wrong! we are starting our 3rd year with kristin- she is now a freshman in college, (going to be a nurse- i'm so proud!) and she is like a big sister to riley. she is such a good role model for riley- always on time, great grades, respectful, hard worker & riley looks up to her so much. if kristin tells her something- she listens!

i feel like kristin was put in our life for a reason- i'm certain that long after violin lessons are over, kristin & riley will still be "sisters". i'm like you, mynde- i look forward to saturday mornings, when i can sit & listen to the 2 girls play.

Mynde said...

Aww- how very special for Riley!!! Enjoy your times for morning lessons- perhaps someday Riley can be some little girls 'somebody'.