Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A faux what?

Sam had been in school for a whole single solitary day when he produced himself in my bedroom, fresh from the bathtub, with a single line of hair staning up all the way down his head, forehead to neck.

He was so proud.

I was astonished.

He had only been in the influence of other children for 2 hours 55 minutes so far, and he had discovered the faux-hawk.  And he was LOVING it, ya'll.

So much so that on picture day last week- little man was insistent.  So with the help of my body envy mousse and my fat hair creme- we came up with this:

And he was happy.

It's no faux-hawk- that is for sure.  We went more for the standy uppy ledge across the front of his face.  It took a lot of product- and patience- but we got it.  And he rocked it. 

At least he doesn't want a 'tail'- right? (remember those nasty little things?  in fact- I think Billy Ray Cyrus may still have one sticking out from under that hair of his. yucky poo.)

Here's hoping that this is the last nasty thing those school boys teach him.

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