Monday, September 26, 2011


Today is my momma's birthday- and I have absolutely no idea how old she is.  Which is why I am really hoping that the doctors office is keeping good records because I'm depending on them to know this kind of important stuff. 

What I do know is that I forgot that I am out of butter, which means no homemade butter creme frosting for her. 

What I also know?  When I logged onto facebook this morning it had a notification that today was both of my mother's birthday's.  No- I don't have two mothers.  But I do have one mother with two facebook accounts, because once she created one she forgot her username/password/how to log in and spent months complaining about how her computer and facebook weren't working right.  Which is code for my mother is dangerous with anything even kind of technological.

Stay with me- because this next story is relative.  Trust me.

Yesterday, when leaving church, a friend asked if I could stop by on our way home from church.  Mind you- we had to drive right by said location on our way home- which was not even ten minutes later.  And yet I managed to completely forget and go straight home instead. 

Today- I want to lift up my mom and all of the blessings she has given to me in my life.  I have aquired many good qualities from her.  Her sharp as a tack memory is not one of them, and probably it's the biggest thing we share in common.  Dear heavens.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!  Here's hoping I remember to tell you that when I hopefully remember to call you in a little bit.  And that I remember where I put your birthday gift............


Ronda said...

Happy birthday, Mrs. Larsen! I will pray for you and your daughter's absent-mindedness. (Though I'm starting to think you are both beyond hope). :0)

Sharon said...

Thank you, Ronda -- and thank you, my Baby Girl Daughter!! A lovely tribute and I appreciate your 'forgetting' my age altho your brother had no idea how old I am either. Maybe this is a good thing.

As to the absent-mindedness, I always figured because of my 'high intelligence and quick wit', I simply was thinking past the moment for everything had already been dealt with in my fantastic brainLOL I do have to say that I think you have inherited some of my traits -- ironically, the very ones you crab at me the most for. God is nothing if not a Divine Jokester.

I love you my darlin daughter and you are perfect just the way you are.

Thanks for the tribute:)


Mynde said...

And now Miss Ronda, you have received your confirmation as I accidentally called your house instead of the doctors office yesterday and for a brief moment wondered when you started working there.