Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Things I need to share- not that any are blogworthy

And what is really blogworthy anyway?  I'm not even sure.

Chaos is running amok and in the midst of it- I can't help but have these things lingering in my brain.  Things I need to share so that they will get out of my head.

1.  Sunday it rained.  And rained.  And rained.  Softball games were cancelled.  We went to the movies.  It was bliss.

2.  The other day I decided I needed to call and talk to my sister.  I hollered for the kids to bring me the cordless phone.  Typically Allyson has it 'somewhere' now that she has entered this telephone stage.  Only no one knew where it was.  Until Sam remembered that it was in his closet............ under his puzzles.

3.  Always ask the boy child first when something is missing- I just felt the need to emphasize this.

4.  Emily is starting to cough and wheeze again.  I can't get that girl healthy.

5.  Sam will get to attend his very first after school party and there will be tables of cookies, chips and candies for the kids to gorge on.  I can't even slow my breathing enough to explain how very nervous I am for this PEANUT ALLERGIC kid to have that kind of freedom.  I am currently rearranging my afternoon plans so that I can volunteer at the event.......at the snack station specifically.

6.  I keep trying to eat better and then by lunch I hang it up.  I have the will power of a snail.  Assuming snails don't have much will power.

7.  Allyson managed to hit Emily in the face with something Saturday while I was working that knocked Emily's front tooth wiggly and made it bleed.  Her permanent tooth.  Sigh.

8.  I have taken to making the kids a cup of hot tea every morning.  Emily is the only one who is really enjoying this.

9.  Every day when Allyson walks out the door for school I tell her that I love her.  She doesn't even acknowledge the fact that I am in the same room.  I love her anyway.

10.  3 days until the next slumber party. 

11.  I currently have two bouquets of fresh gorgeous flowers in my home- both given to me by very very special people.  They make me smile every time I see them.  I am so very blessed.

12.  I'm going to move one of the flower arrangements into the laundry room- apparently I am going to be in there a lot for the next few days and maybe they will make it a happy experience.  Holy Moly is our laundry basket over-flow-ething.

13.  Sam brought home info on his very first field trip.  I mentioned that I am going to indicate that I can chaperone if they need help.  He said that will be fine, as long as I stay out of he and his friends way.  I will try.

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