Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dear Rosie,

 You are a welcome new member of our family.  Even though I clearly didn't want the kids to try and catch you and trap you in our yard.  No offense, it's just that you are ugly.  And I assumed you were a vicious animal who was rabid.

 As luck would have it- the kids convinced me to at least help you to find your family.  And we tried.  But to no avail.  And by the time we figured out that no one was looking for you- we had fallen in love with your ugly self.
 Might I just say that you are amazing.  You are completely housebroken (yay!), playful and happy to be anywhere the kids are.  Even if they are smooshing you while taking a nap.
 And although I didn't particularly find it charming when you lept on my head and attacked my pony tail during last weeks lego fest- Allyson seems to find it quite fun.  And I enjoy hearing her laugh and scream- so it's a win win.
 So much for not allowing you on the furniture.  But I will draw the line at my bed.  You may NOT get on my bed.  Thank you.
I'm anxious for your first vet visit to find out what exactly kind of ugly dog you might be as well as how old she might guess for your age.  Which I fully expect to be puppy of some sort.  Which brings me to my next point............
Please stop eating our shoes.  This is the SECOND pair of my shoes that you have destroyed. Although the black heels were probably well past their useful life, so I should thank you for that.  However, I personally LOVED the Z straps on my brand new shoes, the ones I JUST bought, and I might not forget about this anytime soon.  And the girls are almost completely out of flip flops now- Allyson for one seems a little angry about that.

Should you need to chew on something during the day time 3 hours that you are actually here alone- and you don't find any of the acutal chew toys we have purchased for you of interest- please try and keep it to the mountains of useless unplayed with toys laying around (good job on the singing dancing love bug and the train whistle, by the way, those will not be missed).

Thanks for coming to our family.  Even if we are just shoeless hillbillies without the ability to whistle like a train.

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Sharon said...

One more wish, Rosie -- (and I might point out to you that I am the only one who says you are not ugly) and that is to quit barking and circling Grandma when she visits....I think you and I could develop something special and I am hoping it isn't anything I will need to cover with a bandage:)