Monday, September 5, 2011

Goodbye Summer

Today we officially wrap up Summer 2011 and tie it up with a big bow.
The weather this morning feels cooler, crisper.  Fall is coming- whether we like it or not.
Now you have to bare with me as I recap our not so eventful summer.........

 We finished up our time at preschool.  I will never go back there with a tiny excited child again.  I miss it.
 My two nephews graduated high school, and my sister's home caught on fire during the night and they all survived.  Both things I am so very grateful for.
 Sam got so filthy boy dirty every single day this summer.  Another blessing I am happy for.
 My husband turned even older.  Add that to my thankful list.
 This little frog visit might just have been one of our highlights of the summer months.
 Ally got her braces on.  Again.  Oh- and she went back to being Allyson.  Again.  She was Allyson, then she was Ally, and now she is going by Allyson.  (sigh)
 We did sparklers right in our own yard- just like everyone should. 
 We said goodbye to some of our favorite neighbors, and welcomed new ones.
 Emily had her very first every sleep over!
 We camped in the great outdoors with dear friends.
 Allyson had a sleepover with some of her besties.  And I am still alive- score one for the momma.
 Oh dear heavens- Sam started kindergarten.
 We said goodbye to a part of our family- Lew Lew the Wonder Dog.
 And unexpectedly enough, welcomed a new member shortly after.
 Again with that boy messiness thing.
And we vacationed in Florida but never played in the ocean.

Time keeps on marchin' along- whether we are ready or not.


Carrie said...

Your summer sounds wonderful. With 5 sons of my own I understand the whole boy messiness thing. I remember once before my sixth child and only daughter was born, a friend asked if I'd watch her daughter for a few hours. She and one of my sons were in preschool together and immediately ran outside to play. Minutes later I heard wailing out back. Certain that someone must be seriously injured, I rushed through the door to find that our little guest had gotten some mud on her pink jeans and new shoes. It was such a contrast to what I was used to with my boys that I had to try really hard not to laugh at her distress as we cleaned her up. My sons could walk through my door completely destroyed and say, "What mud, Mom?". =)I'm enjoying your blog, by the way. Have a great day!

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