Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm all for celebrating but gee whiz

Allyson has an upcoming birthday.  It will land here in 22 days.  She has been talking about her 'party' since the Spring.  I'm not even joking.

And it was in the Spring that I told her a party for 100 of her closest friends was NOT going to happen.  Even if she could narrow it down to 50, if she had to.

Last night at dinner, I made the mistake of bringing the subject up again.  I am all for celebrating with the kids.  Every year, they get some choice of how they want to rock in another year.  We've had sleep overs, crafting parties, pizza parties, trips to chucke cheese, bowling adventures, we've been to Libby Lu, build a bear.......I'm pretty flexible ya'll.

But a party for 50 kids?  No- I draw the line here.  I can't possibly tend that many children.  Nor do I want to.  Who in their right mind would?

Do you know how my birthday has been celebrated for the past several years?  Maybe dinner out, maybe not.  Maybe a cake, maybe not.  Always a nice gift.  But a day full of chores and work, yes.  And then we all go to bed.  The end. 

So to say I'm not thinking that renting out the community room at the fire station or our church is an option would be an understatement.  I'm willing to drag a few kids out for an activity (miniature golf, go carts, dinner, movie, whatever) or I'm willing to have a few more kids to the house to play hide and seek, giggle and argue.  But, help me, I can't imagine when she thought inviting the entire sixth grade was an option.

I will buy her a present.  I will decorate a cake.  I will offer her a time to celebrate with a 'few' friends.  But not if she doesn't curb this pre-teen attitude she is flaunting. 

The end.

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