Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Times they are a changin'

Just a few brief updates for ya, cause I know you are dying to know.........
We got a rug for the dining room like 6 months ago.  And I finally recovered the dining room chairs.  So now I can post a picture- since they aren't overly appalling together anymore.  Mind you- they don't match- but I equally love them both so they are living in harmony together for me.  They are thoughtful like that.

Allyson has never been one for a simple paint job.  I remember when she was like four she would beg for me to paint every nail a different color.  She just came wired this way.  I think it's cool. 

Dan calls her punky brewster.  She has no idea who he is talking about- which makes us really old.

And to cover those babies up- I present her new school shoes.  No simple pair of nice supportive New Balance here.

I took Sam shopping for a few back to school items- since all of his jeans won't button and hit him just under the knees. 
I discovered that he has partially graduated to the older boy section.  The one ALL.THE.WAY.ACROSS.THE.AISLE.  No longer are there cute sweatshirts with sweet little puppies and monkeys and practically perfect cartoony t-shirts.  No.  Now we have skulls, flames and guitars.  I was the only one who was disappointed.  He was in heaven and fell in love with this outfit- his back to school outfit.

Emily got new glasses.  And they are not purple plastic frames.  They are more of the big girl variety, with actual nose pieces and peace signs on the side arms.  But I have no picture to share, because she runs and hides whenever I get the camera out.  So instead, I share my list of items to take camping this weekend (yes- camping this weekend, again, as in twice this summer- just call me the camping queen).  I left it on the counter, and Emily wrote me a sweet message. 
Finding this surprise made it possible to continue with my week of horrors.

On another note- yes we are on a health kick and will only be eating really healthy nourishing things while camping.

And now for Dan's update.

Here he is the last time we went camping, which was basically the last time I got to talk to him.  How is it possible to live in the same home with someone and still never converse with them?  Things are just so crazy busy and it feels like we are running in opposite directions all the time.  Yuckipoo.
At one point in our lives we really enjoyed one anothers company.  So we choose to get married to spend our lives together and we've barely seen each other since.  Does that make ANY kind of sense?
On a lighter note- just 20 years or so until he retires.  I guess we'll chat then.
However, Sam is managing to squeeze expletives into his conversation- so apparently he is still getting the chance to chat with his dad.  Good?

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Ronda said...

Hey, I'm loving the new look and the pictures! Awesome.