Friday, August 13, 2010

Heat Wave

There is nothing that will stop a young hillbilly hick child from cooling off.
And when you add in the company of a favorite cousin, the outcomes are pretty amazing.

These two were whithering in the heat.  And then I filled up 'the pool'.  You know- the one with a hole so it doesn't hold air but I taped it (with pink duct tape none the less) so it doesn't leak as fast.  And then we created a 'car wash' by draping the sprinkler over the basketball goal.........

and voila!  instant entertainment and refreshment.

We do this in the front yard to impress the neighbors.  Learn from me people.

And then they come up with this.
And there was squealing and laughing and fun going on, let me tell you.
I can only imagine these two in about 12-13 years as they come rumbling up the street with a similar concoction only in real vehicle size. 

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