Monday, August 2, 2010

August 2, 2010

Wow.  Could it really possibly be August?  We have already finished the first *gulp* SEVEN months of the year.  Wow.  And school really begins in 9 whole days?  It's too much.

Fortunantly, today doesn't hold much on the old calendar.  For that I am grateful.  Playdate at our house for Emily (her first of the summer, I am a complete failure), I have a secret shop to do (no biggie, just for fun really- but what in the he** was I thinking signing up for a shop?), buy guinea pig food, drag my sorry self into the office for at least a moment or two, and depending on how it all shakes down we might go to the church softball game tonight (so Ronda will stop her whining : )

In other news: In case you've been out scouring the streets looking for kitty, we found him.  In the coat closet.  Behind the vacume.  Turns out Emily put him there.  And somehow when I looked her straight in the eyes and asked if she had by chance done something with him (as Sam was huddled in a heap sobbing) she 'forgot' she had put him there.  I'm raising axe murderers I'm afraid.

But at least they know how to tie dye.  That skill might come in handy in prison.  Or in their support groups.

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