Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Bakers Dozen of Mix Mash Brain Smash

1. My garden is producing.  These were the first two fruits of my labor.  And for the first time in history- we ate them.  I've never liked tomatoes before this year, and now I do.  All total I think I've had 5-6 tomatoes.  And a small handful of cherry tomatoes.  But they are all mine.  I made a salad with one, sliced up one for burgers and one night last week I made a pizza with fresh sliced roma tomatoes and it was delicious.
I even ran out to the garden one night in need of a tomato for something- there was one ripe and on the vine.  I brought it in, washed it and sliced it up.  It was still warm from the sun.  I felt so organic.  I broke into song.

Speaking of song- I know all the words to every song in the Music Man.  Just a little extra info for ya.
2. We have a pond now.  And it might resemble a hospital throw up pan filled with water and rocks on my front porch.  As of yesterday morning it had 5 very happy tadpoles living in it.  We learned that tadpoles don't like to be handled too much or petted very often- and now there is just one.  Surprisingly enough, they survived having milk poured in their water (courtesy of Sam)- but something happened between Emily and them yesterday morning and now they are either hiding or in heaven.

3. I couldn't find Allyson's lunch box this week because it was in the laptop compartment of her backpack.  The laptop compartment.  Of her backpack.  Huh?

4.  I'm having one of these signs installed on our street.  And in my kitchen.

5.  Sam's new hairdo is fuzzy.  It feels like the softest pure velvet.  I can't rub it enough.  No one can really keep their hands off of his little head.

6.  Sam won't give me a kiss anymore- most of the time.  And he no longer calls himself 'in love' with me.  He saves that term for Allyson.  My heart aches.  And so do my lips.

7.  When I grow up and get my farm, I want a barn like this.

8.  The kids 'worked' really hard and redecorated the playset.  It took them an entire afternoon.  It was actually a huge blessing to see them happily playing together.  They named it the kids korner and my broom now lives there.  On another note- wow that playset is really leaning.  Like the tower of Pisa.

I'm including this picture too because I couldn't decide.  You're welcome.

9. I promised Ally I would have a particular shirt washed and ready for wearing this morning for her.  And then I put it in the washer and fell asleep.  It is now dry- but her bus left 15 minutes ago.  She wasn't too upset- but I know I let her down.

10. I bought pre-made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the girls lunches because we have to get up at 6am now and my body won't function that early to actually make a pb&j 'from scratch'.  It was a gift to myself.  Why won't they eat the dag gone school lunch?

11.  I am not even joking when I say we have the biggest spiders in the universe at the air show office.  See that really heavy white zig zaggy line from the middle down?  Each and every one of them does that to their web.  What do you suppose that is for?
They have HUGE bodies that have black and yellow stripes.
We counted 16 of them in the small area next to the air show door in the flower bed.  Yuck. 

12.  Tomorrow they will begin installing our new furnace and air conditioner.  Read with me here people- they will take out the air conditioner to my home and it will be hot in here.  Sam and I will be sitting in the drive way under his 'car wash'.  And we're having ice cream for dinner.  I am assured that they will install our new AC first thing and have it working by night.  But we all know how that goes.

13. I must drink coffee in the mornings.  It is the first thing I do- besides pee.  As soon as I'm up, I run to the coffee pot (figuratively speaking) and start it brewing.  I ran out of coffee this weekend, and it wasn't pretty.

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