Monday, August 23, 2010

Our favorite vacation memory

I can hear my kids now, remember that one year?  It was the best vacation ever.    Yeah- it was great.  Loved it.  Can we go back?

Our trip to furnace world.

Over and over again the kids have just gone on and on about what a fabulous trip it was.  And Allyson just keeps saying 'remember that one year when you didn't poison us with carbon monoxide?  That was the best year ever'.

The crowds were minimal, that was probably the best part.  Heck- we barely had to wait at all to get the kids pictures with Furnace Man.  They just basically ran up to him!  After wiping the insulation and sweat off of their little faces, they just went on and on about how they couldn't believe it was really him.

We stayed in a fairly simple little resort- but it was sooooo much like home that it was completely worth anything that we paid for it.  The bedspreads already had small stains on them, dog hair all over everything and there was even laundry piled up in every nook and cranny- just like home.  They really went out of their way to make us feel welcome.  There was even a pool and a nature preserve.  The maid service was lacking though- and their room service was non-existent.  It is just impossible to get good service these days.  Needless to say we saved our tip money at least.

Yeah- it was a great place but I don't really hope to go back there anytime soon.  Maybe next year we can go to Septic World?  Well Pump Village? Eh- we'll have to wait and see.  I want to take a look at their brochures so we don't get sucked into sub-par accomodations again next time.  At least we got to keep the gigantic box that the A/C unit came in.

On a brighter note- when Furnace Man went to the bank to cash our check for aforementioned accomodations- we got a phone call, it went like this:

bank- Hello, Mr. Goble.
dan- uh, yeah?
bank- You've been banking with us for years and years and years.  We appreciate your business.
dan- uh, yeah?
bank- Well, see.  There is a pattern to your typical cash flow on a monthly basis and we've become rather used to what to expect from you.
dan- okay?
bank- There is a man here with a check that he says is from you for an UNGAWDLY amount of money and we just want to make sure this is legitimate.  I mean, typically we expect to see 146 checks to Target and 13 to the school per week, and apparently a child has moved to Intermediate school as there is an additional 17 checks to them but this check, well, obviously there has been a mistake...........
dan- Mam.  You can stop.  Yes I wrote the check.
bank- Oh- oh yes.  Of course.  Of course you did.  I see.  Okay. *giggles and laughs at the poor saps who had to fork over for something like a furnace* Well, thank you Mr. Goble.  That basically leaves your account at NOTHING so let your wife know to steer clear of the big bullseye for a while- okiedokie?????
dan- uh, yeah.

At least it's good to know that someones got our back.


Sharon said...

Oh my, what a place to visit -- thanks for filling me in. Hopefully none of us will have to go there anyways soon. I pass along 'kudos' to your bank, however -- that is a great thing that they have your best interests at heart. Target probably already has an email from them telling them to trim their expenses til the end of the year as their income is going to sustain a drop:)

I DID however see a BIG difference in the feel of your house when I was there. The furnace may have been cracked, but I think your air conditioner was malfunctioning too.

Also, I think maybe Emmy's congestion may be tied to all the dust & insulation the furnace man stirred up when putting it in??? Just a thought.

Love Mom

Sarah said...

We went to Furance World last year ourselves. Sounds like it hasn't changed much! We though got taken by the whole energy savings tax write off which turned out to be a joke and added 1500 to the final bill (which as you know is high enough already) and never got it back. Hope you don't visit that area of the park anytime soon! On a happier note, I am so very thankful for a cool/warm house!