Saturday, August 14, 2010

Creation of Adam

Downtown Greenfield has this thing called Second Friday which is a celebration of artists in the community.

Businesses stay open late, special dinners are prepared, and once a year there is a CHALKFEST.
You make a small donation and get a bucket of chalk and you go to town on a spot of sidewalk.

We stumbled downtown last night at the last minute to check out a friends 'art'. (I didn't take a picture of it though- duh).  Once there, we found out that there is a children's division and the kids were begging to participate.  So we did.  Allyson had gone with a friend to a Fever game- tell me this isn't right up her alley and I'll be danged if she didn't miss it.  Shoot!

Sam drew like a wild man for a while and then declared his finished.
And then he laid down and took a rest.  All that creativeness wiped him out.
Then he climbed on the bicycle racks for the balance of the evening.
But Emily- she was focused.
I even had to make two trips back to the registration area for more red.
She worked right up until the deadline was called.
And the final masterpiece........The Creation of Adam.  If you are still not following me- it is the painting someone else drew in chalk that I put a picture of up top- you know, the two fingers reaching out to each other................Michaelangelo I think.

I find her rendering to be much better than any I have seen. Personally.
And apparently the judge did as well.  Because she got first place.  And a balloon bouquet from a local florist.  And every child got this gigantic cupcake loaded with frosting and sprinkles. (Nice smile Sam)

Emily saw that Sam was upset so she gave him her first place ribbon.  Now he got first place.
But Emily said that was fine with her, because she still gets the balloons.

Meanwhile- Ally and her besty Betsy had a great evening.
But next year she is going to the chalkfest with us.

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Sharon said...

Wow -- what talented children!!! I've been watching the 'top artist in America' show and Sam's would be called 'interactive art' where he participates with the piece by laying with it. And Emily's -------- I think it's truly a work of art and see why it was First and how beautiful that she transformed Michaelangelo into a non-descriminatory masterpiece.

Love it!!!!