Friday, August 6, 2010

A night on the town

Us Gobles ventured out of the cornfields for a wonderful night doing something other than going to Target or the grocery.

It was amazingly fun.

First- Animals and all that Jazz at the Zoo.  LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.  Because the weather was pretty, they moved it over by the playgound- where it should always be held (take note zoo people). 

We not only walked around and saw some of the animals, I got to park it at the playground and listen to some great live music while the kids played.


Then into downtown for a FABULOUS dinner out- not cooked by me- EVEN FABULOUSER.

We had a certificate to a great little number downtown and I was so excited about a super great dinner with my family.

And 20,000 other people apparently.

Lord knows I don't know a thing about this Gen Con or whatever kind of gaming it is........but I do know that the entire downtown was swamped with young 20ish type people with glasses and messenger bags.

Or wearing freakishly strange costumes- all kind of midevil or animal themed. (sorry- no pictures.  had a taken my camera to dinner with us I would have been able to snag some, but no dice).

And that fabulous restaurant?  Apparently a huge sponsor.  Even their menu was unrecognizable as everything was renamed Gargoyle this and Dungeon that.  We had a hell of a time finding our 'normal' favorites.

But we stayed.  We ate.  We did it.  And we headed home.

At 10 pm at night.

Heads up- Saturday is apparently the costume contest for said convention.  Downtown Indy should be a PRETTY interesting place this weekend I would say.  Last year, our waitress said she waited on a table of 40 gamers- all dressed like a sir knight captain or something or other.


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