Monday, August 16, 2010

Me, my girls and Selena

Yesterday afternoon, I had the treat of taking the girls to their very first concert.  Selena Gomez.

It was a pre-teen screaming girl and glitter frenzy.

And it was freakin' hot.  Like mid 90's, high humidity, state fair crowds hot.  Feel the sweat rolling down your skin inside of your clothing hot. Wish you had put your underwear in the freezer hot.

But once in our seats (which were really great seats up in the bleachers where there was actually air moving and over a stairwell- which meant not a soul in front of us and a huge railing for the girls to hold their signs up on) it was much cooler and enjoyable.  And by much cooler, I mean low 90's- but we were in the shade.

Selena sang, my girls sang, I sang, everyone around us sang.  There was pink and white confetti blasted out of cannon things.  Girls had signs and banners.  Everyone had on Selena shirts.  Rockin good time ya'll.

I share with you my pictures:
They are on there.  Our new fangled digital binoculars with built in digital camera.

Which even though I installed the doohickey thingy and plugged it in to my computer, won't cough up a single picture.

On second thought- I probably should have messed with taking the regular camera.  In hindsight, I realize that the only pictures I could techincally take with BINOCULARS  would be of people far away.  So in order to get a picture of, oh say my children at their first concert, I would have had to stand in the freakin' parking lot.

I'm a genious.  Live with it.

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