Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This just in!

I interupt your otherwise normal day with very important news from my neck of the woods:

  • Yes- I did in fact awaken at 4:30 this morning to make crayons and rigatoni.  I know, right.

  •  I get comments some times from folks whom I don't even know on this blog.  And it is my absolute joy and happiness.  Really and truly.  Makes my entire day.  Any kind of comment is just like a giant buttercream icing rose- delicious and pure happiness.  Why- just this morning I received this message:
Your blog is very nice I like to enjoy every pages,
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Thank you Kushuka.  Although I am concerned that after reading MY blog you felt it necessary to just randomly shout out various heath issues?  Well- I'll take what I can get.  At least you didn't shout out Extreme Nut Job Psychopath.    (Kushuka- if you are a real person who really was innocently commenting- word to the wise, perhaps you should save your health advise for your second or third comments- you know, just to keep everyone comfortable. Kay?)

  • Ice cube trays are NOT baking trays and they will probably melt it your oven.  So much for snowman shaped crayons.

  • The kids informed Dan that what I really really really want for christmas is the new crayola crayon making oven. He said that he didn't believe it. Believe it Dan.

  • I don't want to cause anyone concern, especially you Kushuka, but I think my mom is trying to kill me.  Because she keeps coming at me with cake pan gifts.  You remember the beautiful bunt pan she gave to me, right? You would think I would have been on guard when she came a swinging tiny christmas tree pans- but no.  I fell for it.  Again.
There you have it.  Tiny christmas tree shaped brownies snug as a bug inside their little houses.  Fortunately my kids are patient and didn't mind digging them out with a knife.  Unfortnately I still have to make a dessert to deliver to a dear friend.  Good times.  Good times.

Don't be crossing your fingers hoping for little brownie cakes mom- you WON"T be getting any.

  • It is now 5:53AM- I'm going back to bake up some rigatoni cause I got plans to deliver it to a sweet woman.  Here's hoping it turns out better than the crayons and brownies.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Mynde -- this kind of reminds me of an old wives' term called 'killing with kindness' but really, sweetheart .... I wouldn't harm you for the world. I do think I need to get some sort of labels printed however, you know -- to the effect that "whatever happens after they change hands is not the responsibility of the prior owner"LOL

You know, I haven't given you everything -- I have other cookie, candy and cake items...some require 'pushing through various openings', some are wooden, some require thermometers and I am so excited to share but I'm going to let your ANTICIPATION build before I pass them along

I love you -- thanks for my laugh of the day and I really am sorry -- you will do better when you get the Quick Release stuff.