Wednesday, December 21, 2011

4 days and counting

Just four days until Christmas.  Three really- because anything you don't have done by christmas eve isn't going to get done in my world.  So- in order to make sure every little detail gets completed, I decided to hop on here and update my blog.

I know, don't say it.  I don't stand a chance.  The reality is that my children are going to awaken Sunday morning to piles of gifts all neatly tucked inside of target bags and I'm just going to deliver bags of sugar, flour and butter to the neighbors instead of cookies.  Plus- it's a good think that the kids are getting some new clothes as gifts, because the laundry might be a little behind.  I have found myself wondering if Christmas came and went this fast when we were kids.  I know it sure didn't feel like it.

I had grand plans this year.  I was going to have everything done early so that I could really focus on the season.  Savor it, enjoy it, basque in it's glory.  Instead I sit here four three days before it will all be over wishing for just one more week to get to enjoy it all before it's done.  I adore this time of year, and I have been so tied up with all the details that I have yet to get to really realize it's here.  Combine that with all this RAIN and I just feel like giving up.  WHERE IS THE SNOW!

That being said- I was wasting time (valuable precious time that could have been spent doing something, anything productive) on the internets this morning and I ran across this:
The article said it was the PERFECT solution to organizing your junk drawer.  It made me giggle because if a calculator, a mint, various thumbtacks and a couple pencils was the problem with my junk drawer, there would be no junk drawer problem. 

I reluctantly share with you MY junk drawer:

Gonna take a lot of egg cartons.  Big giant egg cartons. 

Why do I share this with you today? 
#1- to keep from doing the actual work that needs done at my house.  duh.
#2- to put off going back to the stores to get the last couple things on our christmas shopping list. duh.
#3- to share the idea that my entire life feels like my junk drawer looks and I'm wishing that I had time to sort it all into it's tiny organized egg carton.  But there is no time for that non-sense.  So I will just keep plugging away- one day at a time- hoping that I'm somehow getting at least the important things accomplished.

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