Sunday, December 11, 2011

Today you 'rikka buffet?

Sometimes I don't have anything to blog about.  I just skip a day here or there or blog about the same thing over.and.over because I got nothing.  And then the blog fairy comes and pukes all over you- it's a gift really.  The kind that keeps on giving. 

Last night I was invited to attend a company christmas party with a friend whose husband is deployed.  I was honored.  And excited.  We wore dressy clothes, strappy shoes, make up and got to talk like real live adults while someone else prepared and served us a delicious meal and then others entertained us.  It was the first real 'me' thing I've gotten to do in months.  Unless you count grocery shopping- which I don't.  And you shouldn't either.

Dan took care of the kids.

1am- Sam began vomiting.  Non stop.  Everywhere.  All over everything.  After an hour or so of changing bedding and such- we were out of 'such'.  Every pillow, blanket, sheet, towel and bedding item was piled up waiting a turn in the laundry room.  So I moved him to my bed (risky I know- but I like living on the edge) and crawled in next to him.

2:30am- Emily produces herself in my room and says I might want to wash her sheets.  (This is where you should stop reading if you have a woosy stomach).  I go to her room and not only has she thrown up all over her sheets and pillows, she has hung her head over the railing of her bed and puked all over allyson's bed, side table and carpeting.

3am- Emily is cleaned up, carpeting cleaned up, both beds stripped and at the back of the laundry train that is making it's way out of the laundry room.  I wrestle the dog out of that grossness, again. (Why ARE dogs so gross?)  We go to the living room where Allyson is watching a tv show.  And she announces she feels like she might throw up.

3:15am- she does.

From there until 9:30 am it was a constant cycle of puke, flushing, laundry, hair holding, cold wash rags, face wiping, carpet scrubbing, and gagging.  Until the diarrhea started.  Which is about the time Dan woke up oblivious to everything that had been going on for over 8 hours.  I tagged him and hit the bed for a three hour nap.

And here it is- almost 4pm and it still hasn't stopped.

Turns out, Dan took the kids out for dinner.  And in true bachelor form, they went to their favorite spot.  The chinese buffet.  Where the children pigged out on chicken nuggets with chinese ketchup and he ate everything but that.  And such they were poisoned and he dodged a big giant huge bullet.

I personally find buffets to be kind of gross.  And as far as I'm concerned, I win that argument.

On the counter this morning I found a paper fortune.

Chinese fortune cookie version- Fall down seven times, stand up eight.
Translation- Food poisoning is temporary, hang in there. No more buffet for you.

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