Wednesday, December 7, 2011

October is breast cancer awareness month

My mom has had breast cancer.  Twice.  Both times she was diagnosed in October. She's cool like that.

The problem I personally have with that is that #1 my mom has cancer and #2 everywhere I look are freakin pink ribbons and pink cookies and pink cups and pink pink pink.  Which is very cool in the essence that awareness is being raised and so is money to fight that beast.  But it has been difficult for me because at the time with a fresh diagnosis and not being sure of the outcomes- it just keeps reminding me to be afraid and sad and scared and lost.

December is not breast cancer awareness month.  But it is when my mom will have her second mastectomy.  If you are a math wizard, you probably have already figured out that she will be left with no more breasts.  And to that I say AMEN!  They have caused nothing but trouble for the past few years and I say good riddance girls- get to packin.  After many doctor visits and discussions- this is the decision for my mom.  With all answered prayers she will come through this surgery with flying colors and NO cancer in her lymph glands and she'll get a full 24 hours of ordering tons of food from room service and personalized attention from the nursing staff.  Not to mention some super pain pills.

All joking aside- prayers would be appreciated.  I need my mom.  She makes me crazy, confuses me and for the most part I think I do the same to her.  But I love her so much and I need her to be fine.  Right now- everywhere I turn the people I love are filled with this bitch cancer, and really it just is pissing me off.  Cancer- you suck it big time!


Sharon said...

I love you too, Mynde:) Thank you for being here for me. (and sorry 'bout the 'crazy' part but I'm working on it:)


Anonymous said...

Mynde: Yes, cancer is a "b"! However, let's just continue with our prayers that that crazy lady who is your Mom comes through this okay. None of us can imagine a world without her. She is one special lady and we need her for a long time to come!!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign off, Miss Pennie oxoxox

Ronda said...

I've been praying for her all day. Hoping for a wonderful outcome so the two of you can continue to drive each other crazy for many, many years to come.

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