Friday, December 30, 2011

Where'd you go?

Did you think I'd been buried under a mountain of wrapping paper or beaten to death by elves?  No such luck.  Just out of sorts and neglecting my blog.  That's all.

See- I am a creature that craves order.  Which is interesting because I am also a disorganized disaster.  When I have order, whether it be in a closet or a menu plan or my purse, I have peace.  But when things get a little out of hand, I loose it.  Which makes me sleepy, so I nap a lot. 

And this week?  With Christmas and all of the extra fabulous goodies that we all acquired (which are new so they have no 'homes' and they are just kind of stacked and strewn everywhere), the kids being out of school AND Dan having to work nights for a rare change.................there is not a single drop of freakin' order to be found.  So I am just loosing it.  I feel cranky, grumpy, tired and completely out of sorts. 

I love having the kids home.  But their bedtimes are a wreck, I'm having to work different hours, Dan's not home for dinner so we are basically eating ham sandwiches or cereal, PLUS he's all up in my business in the mornings which is throwing me completely out of kilter.  There are cardboard packages and plastic inserts (along with wire bendy tie things) everywhere I turn and I am so out of sorts that I don't know where to even start to begin to make this mess back into our home.

So I've just been eating christmas cookies and napping. 

I'm hoping that next week things will feel a bit more normal and I can kick some christmas bootie and whip this house back into shape.  If not- there is always the week after.

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