Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Perhaps it was the flu

I really thought that with all three children throwing up within just hours of each other that there was no possible way that they had anything but food poisoning.  I mean, typically when one gets sick it goes through the natural progression in the family- which means someone is throwing up for over a week.  But for all three to get sick right at the exact same time?  Must be food poisoning.

Until I started throwing up on Monday night.  And then I thought that perhaps it was the flu afterall.

I tell you what- I could use a minute to catch my breath.  It seems like everything is a bit out of control and when I realize that Christmas is just 11 days away it makes me want to cry.  Because THIS was going to be the year that I got everything done early and could just focus on the beautiful season and the birth of Jesus Christ.  Which I'm still going to.  Over the course of the next few days I am going to whip this house into shape and catch up.  We're going to buy the stupid live tree Dan is focused on, decorate it, bake cookies, finish the shopping and by george I am going to start wrapping my christmas gifts.

Just as soon as the entire world quits spinning around in circles.

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Dee said...

Oh you poor thing... Well Christmas is next week so hopefully you and your family will be feeling better by then. Merry Christmas.