Friday, December 23, 2011

I may never get all the powdered sugar cleaned out of my stove

 It has been a seven day bake fest going on over here.  Six pounds of butter, endless amounts of flour and lots and lots of sugar.  (Side note- Those beautiful cookies you see above have the taste and texture of a biscuit.  Why you ask?  Because I got up at 5am one morning to mix the dough and get a jump on the day and I may have misread the recipe as needing a half cup sugar instead of a cup and a half.  Here's hoping a half inch of home made butter creme frosting on top balances the blandness......)
 I was planning to start last Saturday and finish Sunday- but best laid plans you know. 
Regardless- I got to make all of my favorite christmas recipes and the kids too.  Plates for the neighbors are prepared and mostly all are delivered.  And there are plenty of each left for a giant plate for our christmas table.  Despite adding lots of time and energy at a time of year when there is not much of either, this is one tradition I love and am glad that I got to do with my children.

Now- if they will only keep their grubby little mitts out of them so that they won't be all gone before tomorrow!

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