Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Beautiful Cake

I have this recipe for a beautiful super moist lemon cake.  It has lemon jello in the cake mix along with four (1,2,3,4) eggs and almost a whole cup of oil (vegetable oil- so see fruit and veggies in one cake- it's like health food!).  It is so moist you could just die.
And instead of icing, it has just a light glaze of fresh lemon juice and powdered sugar, you poke holes in your cake and let is soak in when it's still warm.

For my birthday- my mom gave me the most beautiful bunt cake pan ever created.
 And I have been waiting for spring to make a lemon cake in this beautiful pan.  I just knew it would make the most gorgeous cake ever. 

Wanna see?

Keep going

and a little more

Yeah.  There you have it.  That is my beautiful delicious cake in all it's gloriousness.  Because it won't.come.out.of.the.pan!

Regardless- it was still delicious.  Even if we had to use a spoon and just scoop it out of the most beautiful cake pan in the world. 

And now I wonder if my mom 1.)totally had nothing to do with my disappointment and frustration because she really wanted to give me something I would enjoy and had no idea it would destroy my afternoon of baking efforts OR 2.)got me good with her cake pan from hell.

This, my friends, is just confirmation that you will NEVER have to worry about this becoming one of those cooking blogs.


Beth said...

What a bummmer!!! Have you used the flour spray-ey stuff??

Mynde said...

Yes- but I've yet to find a coupon for it : ) I spent my morning scrubbing out that pan with a freakin' toothbrush. Uhg. May splurge for the flour sprayey stuff.

sarah said...

will you share your receipe? please!!! :)

And, the flour sprayey stuff....totally worth every penny spent!