Monday, July 25, 2011

And when we weren't crying at the ocean or sleeping..........

This isthe final vacation post- I promise. 
 We got balloon animals (the pink panther- in case you are wondering).
 We contemplated buying my nephew a hermit crab as a souvenir- because I'm kind of evil.

 The view from our room to one of the pools- it would take like 20 minutes to get there.  First you'd wait (forever) for an elevator (because HELLO we were on the 21st floor and there were like 3000 other people staying there and most of them were jr. high age softball girls who like to press every.single.floor on the elevator to just be charming)- then go up and escalator- walk across the copper roof sky bridge, down the escalator- through the lobby (in my swimming suit- yay) and finally to the pool.  You can't tell- but Dan and the kids are over there in that pool in this picture.  And yes- it was raining.  And I totally went over and joined them- until it started lightening and then we all ran because I kind of attract lightening, apparently.

 We learned to shut off the flash on the camera when taking a picture against glass (side eye to Dan).
 We spent our hard earned saved up money on airbrushed ball caps.
 We swam.  lots.
 We sat on pretend alligators.
 While looking at real ones.
 We went out for girls only pedicures (I got the dude pedicurist- which sucked big eggs because I was uncomfortable)
 We wore our swimsuits out to lunch because the rest of our day was spent basically in the water.
 We enjoyed Dan's parents company.

 Ally perfected the handstand underwater, Sam learned to swim and Emily learned how to do flips under water.  They are all like little fish now.
 We posed like gangsters in the elevator.
 We saw this totally awesome guy preaching on a loudspeaker along the highway with scriptures on signs.
 We rode the public bus.  With four homeless men.  Who were hiding their brown paper bag bottles while one slept.  They were all tan with long hair and bahama mamish type t-shirts and flip flops.  No shopping carts.  No bags.  Just living life on the beach.  I think one of them might have been jimmy bufffet. 

We discovered that men on work release who do the landscaping work in Florida wear actual black and white striped clothes.  Which I found facinating.  I would have really preferred a better picture, like one with me posing with them, perhaps with one of the nearby law enforcement officials as well, but Dan wouldn't stop the car.  So this will have to do.

One more bit of info- sans picture (trust me, you'll appreciate that).  On our way to Florida and on the way home we drove straight through.  12 hours ish, mostly during the night.  Kids slept most of the way- it was really nice.  On our way TO Florida, we stopped at Cracker Barrell fir dinner because we ALWAYS stop at Cracker Barrell on long trips.  I'm not sure why, we just do.  Sam ordered pancakes, but didn't eat them.  Just a bite of sausage and then sucked down his chocolate milk while proclaiming how great it was.  He said it was magic and made him feel so much better (remember how he was a bit feverish before we left???)  He really was acting fine- just saying his belly hurt every now and then and then sleeping alot more.  We finish dinner, drive across the street to the gas station.  While pulling in, Sam declares he's gonna puke.  Dan keeps driving.  Until I begin screaming to stop the -bleep- bleep- bleep- car and open the -bleep- bleep- door.  Sam makes it to the gas station trash can, can't reach into the top and proceeds to hurl his little self up all over the concrete.  I clean him up, give him water to rinse his mouth with and say a silent prayer of thanksgiving that he didn't do this in the car while we are hundreds of miles from home.  It was then that I looked up.  Into the eyes of a man who is parked on the other side of the pump.......with his window down.........who just witnessed the grossed thing in history.  All I could really say was 'sorry' as I mopped up the concrete with my roll of paper towels.

And that was that.  Sam was fine afterward (thankfully).  And we finished driving across the country with no more vomit.  The end.

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