Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You only get one chance to make a first impression........

So last Friday it happened.  Our neighbors, who we have been fairly close with over the past 8 years, loaded up all their stuff and moved.  Away.  Far away- Nevada. 

We will miss them.  But my real concern is our new neighbors.  Who are they, do they have children, are they good people, do they like to drive really fast in big bad loud cars, do they drive four wheelers around like crazy people and have dreams of building a dirt track in the back yard????????

I typically like to make something for new people in the neighborhood and deliver it to them.  It gives us a chance to meet them and to welcome them to our tiny world.  But the weekend wasn't the time.  I was too busy crazy busy and couldn't work it in.

So yesterday, Emily suggested we wash our hands and get to bakin'.  So we did.  Meanwhile, Sam and Ally are asking if we can go meet them.  Now?  Now?  Now?  I had to point out that #1 the cookies weren't done yet and #2 I wasn't dressed yet.  They would wait until the afternoon when we delivered the package.

Just so happens that while those two crazy kids were out in the yard playing, the neighbors were outside.  So they introduced themselves.  Sam mentioned that I would be brining over cookies later.  And that I couldn't come out to meet them right then because I was still in my pajamas.  It was noon.

Lord help me.

Later in the day I went over and delivered a small package of homemade cookie ice cream sandwiches, introduced myself and met the new man, woman and two boys who will be living all up in our business.  Even though I was in fact showered and dressed, I'm sure they already invision me as a sleep all day alcoholic chick. 

Thanks Sam.  Just great.

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