Saturday, July 23, 2011

Next time we'll save our gas and just go to Ohio.

 These are not the gorgeous ocean photos I was hoping to share.  But these are the ones we got.  I'm not sure if it is effects from the oil spill, the season, or what but the entire coast was green with seaweed and smelled the same.
 These are the closest family beach photos I've got.  The first is Ally and Papaw swimming in the green ocean, and this one is Dan with Emily and Sam fleeing to the pool.  They were both hysterically grossed out by the whole ocean thing and they were out of there.
Every attempt to play in the waves was destroyed by Sam complaining and gagging about the smell...

And Emily sobbing about how horrible it was.  No sand castle building, no family surf play, no giggling in the waves, no laying on a towel watching my kids revol in God's creation.  None of that.

 But we did get to see a GORGEOUS rainbow that ended on the beach right outside our condo window and went all the way down the beach.  (I saw nothing like a pot of gold on either end by the way)
 Being the stuborn creature that I am, we did go out and float about in the water for a while.  Imagine if you will that this thick furry seaweedy stuff gets INSIDE of your swimsuit.  All over.  I looked like oscar the grouch when I stripped for the shower.  No- there is no picture.  You are welcome.
 It really was gross.
 Ally is the only one who enjoyed the beach.  We spent a few evenings digging up clams and small sea spiral suction cup things, got to take a nice walk one morning looking for shells and shared some fun times looking at the treasures she'd found.  She brought home a two liter full of sand, salt water and small creatures.  They all died.  The end.
 Here is Emily- crying.
And here is where we spent all of the rest of our time.  In the pool ocean.  The one without seaweed, sharks and salt.

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