Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm so tired I need a 'just got home from vacation' vacation

There is not much that is restful about vacation when you're the mom.  Especially when you take three children along to a place that is JAM FREAKIN' PACKED with stuff to do and see and touch.  And when you aren't doing 'stuff'- they want to go to the pool.  And then they aren't in the pool- they are hungry.  And when they aren't hungry- they want to go back to the pool.  Toss in our accomodations, which were a simply gorgeous luxurious ocean front condo, that happened to have a washer & dryer...........and a kitchen................and my time was pretty packed.

But in a glorious kind of way.  Because I would never ever never in a gazillion years have chosen to go on a vacation any other way.  It was marvelous.  Just perfectly perfect.  A nice refreshing breath of air that I was desperately in need of.

But when you bookend a already busy fabulous fun week with a 12 hour straight through drive each way (all through the night) makes a mom kind of tired.

And so that is where I am today.  Too tired to get the pictures off my camera and tell you about our week.  Mostly because I let Sam use my camera while we ate at an outdoor pizza cafe and he may have taken over 100 pictures of, well- not much, and I need to go through and delete them off the camera before I download/upload/connect the cord to the computer.

But I will bore you to tears with our vacation later this week.  Pinky promise.

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