Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy long weekend

We departed Saturday morning for a fantastic camping adventure deep in the woods of Bloomington (with electric and water......duh) for a two night all inclusive tent experience.  By morning- I mean early afternoon because preparing for camping is labor intensive. And by all inclusive, I mean DANG we took everything we own.  Interestingly enough, we actually drove TWO vehicles down there so that we could in fact have every single little thing we wanted.  Two vehicles- two hour drive each way- not a single dog hair in my van because Lew rode with Dan- I say totally worth it. A fan, four bikes, the tent, a tub of food, a cooler of drinks, a cooler of food, a tub of clothes, a tub of linens, a tub of camping stuff (marshmallow forks, newspaper, trash bags, lanters, mosquito spray), two air mattresses, a pillow pet and three stuffed animals.


I did in fact take my camera, but did not snap a single picture.  It was just too much fun to mess with the camera.  The kids played and rode bikes, had a water balloon fight, swam in the ocean (if the ocean is a muddy lake that is- wait till sam sees the real ocean this week!), colored, walked, visited the playground, found baby frogs, rode bikes really fast through mud puddles, went out on the boat, ate smores, played games, read books by lantern light in the tent...............it was a simply glorious fun weekend.  Even if our tent filled with water during a thunderstorm and everyone but me and Emily wimped out and slept in the camper with grandma and grandpa (woosies!).  I feel renewed.........what a blessing this weekend was.

After coming home, unloading, lining up the 5 loads of wash to be washed and showering our stinky camp bodies, we ventured out to watch fireworks.  And then, once back home, Dan surprised the kids with a special treat..................


This weekend may have been just the breath of fresh air I needed. 

Now- on to drying out the tent and air mattresses and getting all this laundry done.

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