Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Sunday we got to take the kids to an Indians Baseball game.  Just as we got in the gate, the rain started to fall.  It was HEAVENLY.  Because here in Central Indiana ya'll?  It's been like an ungodly kind of furnace that has raged on for over a week.  We all just kind basked in the cold drops of heaven and watched them instantly sizzle on the concrete.  But after the rain it was a bit overcast, light breeze, cooler- perfect ball game weather!!!!!

But that is not the point here.

Before the first baseball cracked, the kids were wanting to go get their treat to eat during the game.  Emily finally decided on Dippin' Dots.  The sales gal was a tad pushy and may have been screaming out all the good qualities of her product and that might have had an effect on Emily.  Regardless, after perusing all the options, we came back and Emily picked from the three flavors they were offering.  The gal opened the freezer case, pulled out a small prepackaged bag of freeze dried ice cream (that I'm relatively sure she didn't make), handed it and a spoon to Emily and took the $5 bill from her hot little hand.  Turning to get Emily's $1 change she openly announced that she does accept tips.

Really?  And how's that working out for ya?  Because I've been at this ball field for less than an hour, climbed the stairs to our seats three separate times now, been to the restroom twice, and have walked these snack windows two times with my children.  I am dripping sweat hot, my hair is frizzy and I'm so thirsty I could die.  And YOU accept tips?  So do I chickie- but the jar is always empty.  Thanks for the $4 bag of $.50 ice cream!  Have a great day.


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