Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You too can have one, but you have to hurry

 You can only imagine my complete shock when, after allowing my coupon inserts to stack up for a couple weeks, I stumbled across this. 
 Dang!  I mean with the strong demand expected, I'd probably blown my chance at getting one for my very own self having waited as long as I did.  Everyone else probably already acted now!
But I was lucky and was still able to get one.  Probably someones card got rejected or something and they had just put her back on the shelf when I called.

And I'm on the waiting list for the artist rendering of the bridal figurine.  Because the demand for that one is probably more than just regular Kate, if I were guessing.

I only wish she had real hair I could brush and braid and stuff.  But I told the operator to put me on the waiting list for that too- if it becomes available.

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