Thursday, April 14, 2011

The trip of a lifetime

We all have our dream places of visiting.  Trips we plan for and spend hours on end checking out, investigating, reading books, thumbing through brochures, you know what I'm saying.

Some of us- when we plan a trip to a special place, we plan every minute.  Pick out every activity, schedule it, prepay for it, know exactly what every single day is going to hold.  I am sooooo not that person.

I enjoy showing up, looking around, seeing it all, going at a snails pace- going at the kids pace, just enjoying it.  I'm good to lay on the beach until we don't feel like it anymore.  And I don't really want to premake dinner reservations for somewhere, because what if we're just in the mood for a hotdog and an icecream instead?  See- I'm a laid back vacationer.  I just am.  Maybe there are a few things we want to see or do while we're somewhere- and we will, but at our pace.

I know someone who is preparing for a big trip.  The trip of a lifetime really.  This person has prepared for this trip their entire life.  Studying, planning, reading, preparing, praying............all solely for this trip. 

Now, I am planning for the same trip.  But I have yet to find out when I might get to go.  Although I do plan to go.  This man, he knows.  Not the exact time, only that it will probably be soon.  So his anticipation of this trip is different than most.  Because he gets time to prepare to depart.  And for his wife, she knows it will be without her.

She will get to meet him there- but not until later.  Much later probably.  He will leave without her for this glorious place they both dream of being in together.  But he gets to go first.  She has to stay here and wait.

He has no bags to pack, no plans to solidify, no money to withdraw, no reservations to confirm.  This trip is all inclusive........all things are already prepared for his arrival.  Now he just waits for the time.  His wife has to begin to prepare to take care of things here without him.  She has things to finish before she can go.

He is going to meet the Lord.  And for that I do not cry.  Because he is one of the best men I've ever known and he is faithful and devout and knows who God is.  And on the final day that he departs this earth, I will feel peace in my heart for I know that this man will be dancing with Jesus.  But I'm already crying and my heart is heavy.

Why?  For his wife, his children, his grandchildren, his brothers and sisters, and for me.  Because he is going to be terribly missed.  And the world as we live in it will be different. 

All I can do is just continue preparing for my trip- and teaching my children to prepare for theirs.  Knowing that someday we will all be together again.  And Miss Pennie will continue preparing for hers.  Because although she can not go now- she will get to go later.  And Mr. Mike and Jesus will be right there to welcome her when she arrives.

My prayers are that God holds her close until that day.


Pennie said...

Mynde: We love you!! Tears have been shed but they are out of love for you and family. We will make it through. How can we do otherwise when my wonderful husband is showing such faith and love for us all. You are a very special lady to us all as well ALL of your family!! Hugs and kisses. said...

Mr. Mike is an amazing man, and although I don't talk to him now as much as I used to, I still think about him all the time. My prayers are with Miss Pennie, and the Larsen family as well. I know you are close. The day of his arrival will be an awesome welcome home party, Thank you, Jesus! Thanks for writing this piece from this particular viewpoint - great word pictures. Hugs, Mynde.