Tuesday, April 5, 2011

As if!

I just got an email from Emily's girl scout leader.  About camp.  This year.  As in, this summer.

It never crossed my mind.

Emily of course is ready.  She's probably already packed.  Heck yeah she wants to go- no doubt- sign her up- where's the bus. 

But me?  I hadn't even considered sending her all.the.way.across.town for an entire day with trees and snakes and wilderness.  She's way too little.  Way too little.

Or so I thought.

The nerve of those dang girlscouts and their camps.  Granted, it's a day camp.  So I would meet at the bus in the morning and send her off and then pick her up each afternoon.  Until Thursday when they will actually take her to spend the whole night there with them not at our house away from me.

Somehow I've gotten used to Allyson doing these big girl things.  It was just as hard when she was younger, but each year I suppose it gets easier and more normal.  But Emily?  Really?  It's time to send her onto the river of growing up now too? 


I've got to go try and cram Sam back inside my tummy- have a good day.

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Bonnie said...

Doing a little blog hopping today and saw your Girl Scout post. I'm in my 2nd round of being a leader, this time for my niece. I understand your feelings as a mother - trusting someone else to take care of your little girl is a big leap of faith. I hope her Girl Scout leader understands your hesitation. I took our 2nd graders on an overnight at a camp here in town last year. This year we are going to a different camp 1 hour away. The one mother who wasn't comfortable leaving her child in our care last year didn't sign her up again this year. I believe whole-heartedly in what the Girl Scout program can do for girls (my daughter stayed in through High School and earned her Gold Award)- so please let your daughter spread her wings, no matter how sad you feel about letting her go.