Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dandilions and Doorknobs

What's that got to do with anything?  Nothing.

Absolutely nothing- kind of like this post.  However- I have three two minutes until my time is up and I will have to move on to the build legos with Sam portion of my day.  Right after that- clean out toys (jealous- I know).

To make matters worse- I started my day late which means EVERYTHING has been moved 1.5 hours later than normally scheduled.  This might mean nothing to you- but to those in this world who I am required to feed, dinner is gonna be a little late.  Kind of like last night.  And the night before.

Time keeps on slippin man.  Warp speed it feels like.  And it doesn't help that I keep double booking myself.  That might be cool if it were like an art show and a country club benefit dinner all in the same night.  But I'm not so cool like that.  It's more like a church commitment and a softball practice.  Or a family dinner and birthday party.  Or a girlscout field trip and another softball practice.  None of which is really the party that an art show would be.

What?  Art shows have wine and cheese- and that my friends is a party.

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