Thursday, April 21, 2011

Crazy Days

When I picked the name for my blog- I didn't read any blogs really.  I now realize I could have come up with some super creative stuff instead of just taking the recommendation of blogger to hyphenate my name and my idea.

But it is what it is- and I'm here now.  And seriously- at the time my world was filled with little people and bottles and diapers and cribs and more little people.  And my days felt crazy.  Crazy like running around the yard trying to accommodate everyone's request while keeping little people from climbing to their deaths (hello sam).  Crazy like having two car seats in the car that required me to secure small beings inside of them.  Crazy like finding baby bottles under furniture and realizing how milk decomposes.

But the name is quite fitting- even though those crazy days are gone forever.  Because with kids- come new crazy days.

Case and point:  Let me share with you my day yesterday:

6am- up to awaken large child for school
7am- bathe myself and awaken two smaller version children for an upcoming dental appointment
7:30am- begin loosing patience because it is time to be in vehicle and middle child still isn't dressed
7:35am- assist smallest child in looking wacky for wacky wednesday
7:37am- realize I have neglected to pack a lunch for smallest and me- which is going to make for a hungry noon hour
7:43am- in the car, finally, with both remaining kids and their backpacks
8:00am- arrive at dentist office for emi's appointment
8:50am-emily's cavity is filled and we are back in the van, emily's face is swollen and numb and I am $74 poorer
9:06am- back home for wheezer, I forgot my coupons (dang!)
9:13am- preschool, we're late so I have to walk him in
9:21am- elementary, we're late so I have to walk her in
9:24-11:15am- Post office,CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, swing by airshow office to put all my groceries and perishables in the my freaking work refrigerator because I ran out of time to take them all home, subway to get sandwiches for lunch, pick sam up at preschool.
11:20am- back at elementary school for lunch with emily
12:20pm- still at school, only in the kindergarten wing for Kindergarten Round Up.  Spend the next hour filling out form after form after form (all the while not amusing a single person about just changing the names on my other twos forms???), explaining sam's drooping eye to the nurse, realizing that I forgot his birth certificate AND utility statement (both of which are required for registration)(but realizing that I for some reason have emily and allyson's birth certificates in my purse- but of course not sams- and not really understanding why they can't just freakin' photocopy one of theirs!), hyperventilate because I realize I have to send my highly peanut allergic child (who is also my baby) to school in like just a few months where I will be left alone at home wondering how in the heck he is doing and if anyone tried to kill him with a snickers bar, and then find out that he failed his hearing exam.  in both ears.
1:20pm- surprise sam with a visit to the health department (conveniently at the school for round up) for four, count them four, shots.  SURPRISE!
1:28pm- cookie, sucker, and sticker in hand- take my super brave boy out to the car. He held my hand the whole way, and that made the last 7.5 hours all better.
1:37pm-8pm Sam and I go to the air show office to work.  He leaves me to hang with the guys who drive big tractors and adore him until his dad arrives at 3:30 to take him home.  I make a doctor appointment for him at 5pm to have this whole hearing thing investigated and then completely dump that on dan to take care of.  He is gracious and takes all three kids to the doctor to find out that *surprise* his hearing is fine.  This comes just one day after taking miss emily to an ortho specialist to find out that *surprise* he doesn't see a thing wrong with her wrist (I'm thankful- but soooooo tired and if I could have not had to take her out of school and to the hospital in a pouring down thunderstorm, wait for the doctor for an hour, fill out 6000 forms and pay another $65 for another wrist support thing and then take her BACK to school in the pouring down rain I would have been thankful too)(dan says sometimes I make my sentences too long and confusing in my blog, what the heck is he talking about?)
8:14pm Walk in the door to Allyson crying, emily crying and Sam needing help with the tv and an angry/upset/overwhelmed Dan who insists that he isn't.  But I know he is and we still have a whole month to go until this silly airshow will be over and I can be home all the time again.
8:30pm Cry myself silly while blow drying emily's hair.
8:45pm Kiss children goodnight and head to the kitchen to cook myself some dinner- because dude I am starving.

Now- before you go 'there'- I know I am not the first mother who has a big freakin' workload and list of folks demanding her attention.  But that fact, *surprise*, gives me little comfort.  And this is MY blog- MY only place to really complain and cry and pound my fists- so deal with it, will ya.  I just really thought I was going to be better at this mom/wife thing.  And instead I am discovering that I am not qualified for what the Lord has bestowed upon me.

Thank you for taking the time to let me vent- you may now return to your regularly scheduled program.

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Dan said...

You do the mom/wife thing very well-thank you. I struggle to meet the bar you have set with the kids at home...because you do it so well. We will be fine here, just focus on surviving the IAS thing and we will see you on the other side of the show.
We love ya!