Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The weepy one

 Every single one of the kids plays bring tears to my eyes.  They are growing and changing so fast.  And already I find that we are at the end of FIRST GRADE!  Holy wow- that doesn't even seem possible.
 Wrapping up a whole 'nother year already?  And then what- I suppose she's going to have to become a big bad second grader with sleep overs and lipgloss and music cd's?
 She is ready- I am not.  She signed up for a solo in the school play.  And when her time came- without a hesitation or voice crack at all- she just marched right up to that microphone and belted it out.  Like it was nothing.  And I stopped myself from jumping up and screaming and hopping around- but I did stomp my feet around a little.  And then I gasped for air and cried.  Because she just marched right up to that microphone and belted it out.  And I was proud, and sad and relieved all at the same time. 
Quite a kid she is growing into.
Sunday night- that growing little kid had a birthday party at the roller rink.  And on her last lap around- the one I was begged to let her take- she fell on her wrist.  Because I am a good mom- and she could still move it around- I made her go to bed as normal (but I did give her a bag of ice if that counts for anything).  Still hurting yesterday morning- we ran in for an x-ray before school and discovered she shifted her growth plate or gapped it or widened it or something in her wrist.  Not broken- but still in a brace- and still needing to be examined by an ortho doctor today.
Here's hoping it is good news.

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