Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Room Parties and the Mothers Who Live for Them

I'm thinking of starting my own reality tv show.  And amazingly enough, upon googling my idea- no one has snatched it up yet.  All I need to do now is get it all thought out and submitted to some hoity toity tv producer.  They'll snatch it up I'm sure.

Our last room party for the year was the Friday before spring break.  The kids in Emily's classroom were about to burst open into big giant messy confetti by the time I got there.  I'm not even sure they knew it was almost spring break- I think they just LOVED the idea of a party.

I learned my lesson last time.  Six year olds do not do well traveling stations during a party.  This time around all of their activities were safe and sound at their desks- as they should always be apparently.  Only one mom could come and help me this time- and she was late.  My heart was racing when the party time came and I was alone and the kids looked like they were contemplating tearing me limb from limb.  Thankfully, as Emily's teacher ran out the door casually saying 'you DO have help coming- right?'- the other mom walked in.

We played games, made crafts, ate cupcakes, and finished up with each child getting their very own treat basket.  A solo cup with a pipe cleaner handle filled with sugary deliciousness, new pencils and fabulous other trinkets.  Pictured above is Emily's spring chick.  Proud to say we had the only one in the whole class sporting glasses.

When I entered the room I received hugs from several of the young ladies in her class- which has become the norm.  I really think they all like getting to hug a fat woman- I feel squishy as opposed to their Zumba loving moms.  Everytime I go to volunteer in the room, attend a field trip, or eat lunch with Emi I get hugs from most of her little friends.  It's a benefit to being fat I suppose.  But on this particular day, one little girl handed me a note and asked that I read it after the party.  It said "Mrs. Goble- thank you for the best room party ever".  I felt so blessed.

I heard Emily tell Sam that he will be soooo lucky if mom (aka me) gets to be his room mom next year- because she (again, me) rocks it.  Wow.  Thanks Emily.  Not sure if unstable wooden bead chicks and paper flowers constitutes 'rocking it'- but it sure does feel nice to feel so loved.

I only hope I am returning the fabulous vibes my three sweet chickies.


Dan said...

We are all proud of you and love you for the things you do selflessly for us. We can not praise you enough for your work in our family.
Love ya,

mary said...
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mary said...

What I meant to say, but left several words out, & misspelled the others, was....You DO rock it Mrs. Goble! I get hives just thinking about doing the nursery @ church, & you VOLUNTEER to be room mom & do Kid's Kingdom. I can't even imagine the medication I would need to get through that trauma! All our kids are blessed that there are other moms like you around!

Mynde said...

Wowzers. I certainly wasn't digging around for compliments- but I will take them! You guys have made me so very happy today. Thank you for the kind words.